A Liberian Lady Who Decided To Do A “Queen” theme Photoshoot For Her Birthday (See Photos)

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There has been a new wave of Liberian women in Liberia doing a theme like photos-shoots for their birthdays. We’ve seen all types of themes, however, this particular new shoot has captured our hearts.

A gorgeous young lady who goes by the name “Anita FindaoneandonlyQueen Jallah” on Facebook, celebrated her birthday yesterday by releasing a “Queen” like theme photo shoot which she featured some of her friends as her subjects. In these images, the makeup was perfectly done well, her skin tone stays ever-glowing and her inviting smile is unbelievable.

These photos speak volumes.

Scroll down and view more:

In these images, you can tell that she’s friendly, confident and fun to be around. Anita, we love your photos. You look fabulously happy! Thanks for sharing your birthday with us, darling.

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