4-Year-Old Genius: Little Liberian Girl Has a Way With Words

She's is Precious!

Photo: FrontPageAfrica

Monrovia – Quiwnseuh Sanga is no ordinary kid by any measure. At 4, she’s already dazzling those who come across her with her reading skills, enunciating words which are clearly beyond most adults and her age mates.

Born on September 12, 2011, Quiwnseuh’s began reading and recognizing words when she turned two, an age when many would still be struggling with baby steps while trying to utter a few words.

In an article titled “Why learning to read early is a sign of giftedness in kids,” Carol Bainbridge highlights why kids are reading at increasingly younger ages.

“As a result many people are questioning if early reading is a sign that the child is gifted,” she says in the article published on January 31, 2016. “But is that true?”

Omar Sanga, father of Quiwnseuh, did not notice his daughter began reading at such an early age when he enrolled her at the Waribei Academy in Chocolate City in 2014. But her teachers did.

Soon they gave her double promotion to first grade, alerting her dad who still had not yet known the natural gift bestowed upon his daughter.

“To tell the truth, I am happy that my daughter can read anything that she comes across,” he says beaming with joy. “And I really like her to be a medical doctor when she grows up.”

But little Quiwonseuh has dreams of her own. “I will like to change my school if I have the opportunity,” she says. “I want to be a big person when I grow up. I will want to be like Mama Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.”

Though Quiwonseuh Sanga knows how to read, writing still remains a challenge for the little girl who’s breaking boundaries and dazzling others along the way, showcasing her ability which is still a novelty in a country with a messy education system.

Source: FrontPageAfrica.com




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