YouTube star, Mercy Gono’s Channel ‘Hacked’ & Repeated, Messy-Romantic Relationships (Read story)

The world of YouTube is once again shaking up as another new drama unfolds. YouTube is like a whole different universe for content creators from all walks of life....
Source: Mercy D Gono on Facebook

The world of YouTube is once again shaking up as another new drama unfolds. YouTube is like a whole different universe for content creators from all walks of life. For these creators, it is home and it’s a place where they’re given lifetime-changing opportunities to create, gain loyal subscribers and make as much money as they need to.

For the past few years one of the platform’s unique content creators named Mercy Gono but used the name Mercy Gono BSN, RN’s name is sadly making waves for some ongoing problems that has shaken every foundation she has worked hard to build and maintain.

Mercy is originally from LIBERIA but based in the United States. She has been on YouTube since 26th of September 2016, sharing “great tips about Nursing, hair, beauty, fashion, Lifestyle and more.”

Over the years, she has managed to create contents that has not only captured people, she was able to gained 1.55 million of subscribers from across the world within just four years. This is a major accomplishment.

With all of this achievements, Mercy was not only sharing the things listed above. She was also sharing personal information about her love life with her subscribers and of course they loved her even more for bringing more contents.

The first man she ever introduced on her channel is Nandy Braima. Just like her, he’s also from Liberia. This is the man she later had her daughter with. According to reports, they were together for 14 years and out of those 14, he kept her engaged for 7 years, before they broke up.

Source: Nandy Braima’s Facebook

According to widely-spread rumors in the world of YouTubers, Mercy claimed Nandy used to abuse her, that’s why they ended their relationship. Some people even claimed he ‘stole’ money from her and ‘ran’ to Mexico. The breakup was reportedly so messy that even his sister came out to defend him but during this time, Mercy was called a ‘liar’ by many.

According to Liberian Facebook vlogger Saygee, in one of her live broadcasting, she did last night on the 13th of April 2022, Nandy treated Mercy like a queen and that she broke up with him because of ‘unemployed’ Gerald Addy, another Liberian, who she met and was pretending to have it all together. Mercy reportedly fell in love immediately with Gerald’s ‘fake life’ he painted to her and that she wasted no time being engaged to him in just a short period. Saygee claimed, a source close to Mercy told her, she [Mercy] even bought her own ring and pretended like Gerald bought it.

Source: Mercy Gono’s Engagement photo. The day Gerald Addy proposed on August 17, 2021.

Below is a video I found on another YouTuber’s channel named “The Sunday Omony Show” and she basically explained in her own words about what happened between Mercy and Nandy Braima. I couldn’t find a video of Mercy explaining her own story.

Let’s get back to her account being ‘hacked’.
Two weeks ago on March 26, 2022, Mercy created a new channel called Mercy Gono BSN, RN 2.0, and reported the shocking news ( while looking exhausted and tired) to her fans that all of her accounts were hacked.

“uh I never thought I was gonna do a video like this, but I’m making it. My account was hacked, or I should say my accounts were hacked. My email, my YouTube, my Instagram, my main Instagram page and my Facebook. Whoever hacked it, took my email which was connected to all of those accounts and blocked me out. Now I know that a lot of you have been seeing a lot of weird things, I don’t know what’s happening y’all. I’m shaking. Y’all know how much I’ve worked so hard for this. I have worked blood, sweat and tears and my accounts are hacked. So I basically have to start over if I can’t recover them. Basically trying to ruin me. So, I’m making this new YouTube channel, I want you guys to follow me on here. Make sure to subscribe because I’m gonna keep you all updated about everything that’s happening to me. I’ve literally been through hell and back. I’ve been through hell and back and it just doesn’t seem to stop. This one is probably the biggest one. Because I finally opened up again because I started to trust. I started to live my life, and this has happened. This is not gonna kill me. Whoever does this, they want to see me crumble. They want to see me fall, ume, they want to just see me finished. That’s the whole goal. Just because I’m trusting and I’m vulnerable. And I’ve made some mistakes that are not, they’re basically mistakes. And it’s like I have to pay for it. Again I have to start the pain, the hurt, the torture, I have to start all over. So again, this is not gonna kill me. I’ve worked my way up to 1.5 Million subscribers here on YouTube. I’ve worked my way up to 64.44k plus followers on Instagram and I can do it again if I choose to. The thing is, I love what I do here. I love it. I say it here all the time. And they know that. They know that I live for this stuff. I was made for this stuff. And they know that so they wanna destroy me. They wanna just, and just to clarify, the first drama I had before, if you guys know what I’m talking about, this has nothing to do with that. It has nothing to do with me or any other previous parties involved. If you guys know what I’m talking about, it has nothing to do with that. They’re innocent. I’ve been gone for over a year. Everybody has moved on…”

Mercy then transitioned from her car to indoor , which looks like a bed but she still kept on the same dress she was wearing. In the continued clip, she finally mentioned her child’s father. Let me be specific, she did not call his name.

“I’ve been gone for a while. I don’t want anybody to attack this, especially, not my child’s father. He’s innocent. I don’t know why I have to say that but I have to say that. We’ve all moved on and I don’t want this to be another repeat of what happened last year. So, please do not go attack anybody. The only thing I need right now is for you all to help me. Ume, If you have any suggestions, pray for me, pray hard for me and my baby. We are literally going through y’all. And also, please make sure you subscribe to this channel, so I can keep you all posted. And follow me on my @nimbalux account and my daughter’s account @nadia_themelaninbaby . Those are the two only accounts I have. My email, my YouTube, my main Instagram page, all of those accounts are gone. So those are the only ways I can get in touch with you all to let you know what’s going on. I pray that I am able to recover that account. But If I don’t, I will have to start over. So this is gonna be the new account for now. So I’m begging you to subscribe. Begging you to please share this video with a lot of my fans because a lot of you don’t follow me on those other accounts, the ones I just talked about. Ume, so you wouldn’t know what’s going on. So, please, please if you can’t do anything at all, please share this video on your social media so all my loving fans, you all can know that i’ve been hacked. I don’t have access to any of my, um…accounts. And Just in case anybody is demanding anything from any of those accounts, my YouTube, my Instagram, my tik tok; those accounts, if anybody is demanding anything or telling you to go join some kind of account or invest in this and that please don’t do it. You guys have followed me for a while now and you already know how ume…how I present my, my , my videos, ume…you already kind of know the tune and the ume… energy over here , so if it seems odd at , that’s because it’s odd it’s not me. I wouldn’t be asking anybody, anything personal or anything like that. So anyway, please, please make sure you subscribe to this channel and please share this video so all of you all can know what’s going on so that If we have to start over, we’ll start over here together or if we get the accounts back we’ll go back to that. Thank you all again so , I’m staying strong and I’m praying so that’s all I need you guys to do for me. Thank you for the love and support. I love you all. I’ll see you guys in my next one, bye!”

Source: Mercy Gono BSN, RN 2.0

After Mercy did the above video, nine days after, Gerald also released the below video. According to him, he had to do this video because some of her fans have left ‘derogatory’ comments on his channel and many other claims.

Source: Gerald Addy–Building a legacy

According to another YouTuber named Henriet love tv, after Mercy channel got hacked, Gerald Addy came online claiming the house she had decorated earlier was not hers but his.

Henriet love tv says the below story is from her realizable source who claimed he/she knows about what really transpired between Mercy and Gerald. The YouTuber says her source claimed it all started when Mercy Gono wanted to buy a property. Gerald then introduced her to his friend, who’s also a realtor like Gerald keeps on claiming to be. Because she felt they’re engaged and that she could trust him, she decided to put him in charge to take care of everything. Mercy then told him to negotiate with the realtor about the intended house. So, after getting an estimate of the house from the realtor, Gerald then went ahead and added extra money on the house price and lied to Mercy. Without questioning him, she immediately gave the money to Gerald to pay for their home. He did the payment and that was that. One day, when Mercy was going somewhere and met the same realtor who they purchased their home from, they started talking and then one thing led to another and that’s how she found out that the price Gerald told her was not actually the house price and that he had told her way higher number than what the house was actually going for. When she found out, she was shocked, devastated, she felt used, depressed by a man who claimed to love her. When Mercy found out about everything , she confronted Gerald, ‘Why would you do this? This is what the seller said. Why  would you add to the actual amount? So, you can treat me? I cannot trust you. I left everything. I moved in with you. Why will you just play me like this? If you can play me like this then that means I cannot trust you with my life. By staying with you I cannot trust you with my daughter’s life!’ This is how Mercy got angry and moved out of the house she bought.”

Watch the video below:

After she found out about his lies, she reportedly decided to delete all of their pictures off her phone. She deleted everything that had to do with them. And then Gerald who was the ‘liar’ decided to take the same action as Mercy by deleting everything that had to do with him and Mercy.

According to Saygee, Gerald is ‘unemployed’ and has also been physically abusive towards Mercy and her young daughter and is the mastermind behind the YouTuber’s account being hacked. Gerald has since then denied all allegations against him.

The below video is the latest released update from Mercy’s newest channel. In the video, she accused Gerald of many things including his ‘bizarre behavior online.’ Watch below: Don’t forget to share your view.

The story is still unfolding. Stay tuned for more.

Written by First Lady/ Augustina Kou Monpleh



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