Where Is SoulFresh Now?

-A Very Good Question Yet To Be Answered

One of Liberia’s Best Hipco Groups, SoulFresh was allegedly caught by the Chinese government for signing in to Facebook. The duo is currently in China for what many Liberians believed to be finding means to improve Hipco music. Around 3000 websites have been banned in the world’s most populous nation, China including Twitter and Facebook but Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg is still finding a way for Facebook to be use in China. But there haven’t been any criminal proceedings against someone for using Facebook since the site was banned in July, 2009. It is not clear whether Soul Fresh will be prosecuted as JB and Shinning man were not in the know. But one thing is sure in China, when you are caught using Facebook, you will not be jail unless you do something really bad. So, if SoulFresh was caught due to another reason that will be the only way that this great group would be thrown in jail.

According to other unconfirmed report SoulFresh was arrested due to over staying in China and that is definitely punishable under Chinese Law. When our source contacted S-Man Entertainment, which happens to be a major part of the deal to this group going to China, he stated that they had no information on what happened to SoulFresh as of now. As everything that took SoulFresh to China was documented and signed by both SoulFresh and S-Man Entertainment urging them to stay within the confinement of the Chinese Law. So, could SoulFresh really be arrested for over staying? Note now where there is smoke, there is some kind of fire, as rumors emanating about this hipco (Liberia local style of music) group been detained in china by obstructing some kind of law, Could they have been arrested for another reason? Or is it Facebook? One thing Liberian stars views knows for sure is that there’s lot of questions to be ask and that Facebook is not punishable under Chinese Law as it was only banned to be used directly. There have been many saying on the streets after that great song DROP IT AND WRAP IT. People said, they went to china to Drop It, as they see it as easy because Jon Bricks has made it; but will they Wrap It since they are allegedly been busted by Chinese Police? Will they now learn how to speak Chinese as their song stated LIB Want To Speak CHINESE? Now, our questions: Where is SoulFresh? Are they missing or in jail? How do we know they are in jail, if no one knows the whereabouts of SoulFresh? Did someone break the deal by defying Chinese Law? Where did SoulFresh go wrong? Where did S-Man Entertainment go wrong? What is SoulFresh management doing about it? Did S-Man entertainment Set SoulFresh Out in that deal? Or was it soulFresh own negligent ? Check with us in our next article to find out more of what is unfolding in order to know the answers to these many questions.

 Photo taken in Shenzhen, China.

Photo taken in Shenzhen, China.

Written By Lucky Palmer




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