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Meet top Liberian lyricist, Scientific.

In this SpinterView, the Liberian Music Awards winner tells how his life experiences shape his music and shares the words of advice from Wyclef Jean that encourage him to keep pushing.



Scientific (Sonny Jamaal Tayshaun Tubman) was born in Liberia (Bong County) and raised in Ghana because of the war that broke out in Liberia at that time. With a Christian background, you would expect more of a gospel act but Scientific is extremely versatile. As a Youngman, he always wanted to be a doctor in future until he got into high school and got really acquainted with Hip Hop.

He then started listening to Hip Hop greatest artists’ like Nas, The Notorious B.I.G and BIG L to the point that he started writing down their lyrics and studying them very closely, trying to catch up to their standards. They were his role models and not too long after, he started developing the ability and skills of writing his own lyrics, which took him into a whole new realm. He won an award as the best lyricist at a High School Rap Competition, best street rapper in rap battle competition and Africa’s best rapper. With continuous free styling and rap battles amongst other rappers in ciphers, he emergered unbeatable and non comparable amongst the rest so he decided to put his thang on wax. He went on radio stations dat were doing talent hunts, hoping to find a record label to get hooked up with but all he got was props from everyone saying he had great skills and should go international. He finally hooked up with Zion records but things didn’t really work out for him while he was there.

He kept on looking till he bumped into Ghana’s hottest entertainer – CHEDDAR! ON hearing Scientific’s flow, Cheddar hooked him on his label W.O.N.D.A WORLD ENTERTAINMENT (WWE). He had been practically caged in the studio for a longtime by Cheddar the CEO of WWE, grooming him and getting him ready for the world. WWE is introducing Scientific the most critically acclaimed Africa’s Number One (1) with or without the crown. He has also open shows for a lot of international stars and hip hop icons like Jay-Z, Fat Joe, Akon and many more who have all performed in Ghana.

Scientific, also performed at the Fabolous Concert which was organised by 233LIVE which was held in Ghana. He also launched his brand new album entitled ‘’ DA NEW ERA ‘’ on the 24th of September, 2011 which can also be found on iTunes. After a successful launchof his album, he went on a DA NEW ERA tour in which he performed at Universities across the country (Ghana). Presently, Scientific is about to do a nation wide peace tour in Ghana.

He was involved in a freestyle battle with Wyclef and TA, one of the members of Terror Squad and his lyrical contents are skewed towards addressing the continents financial crisis, political issues and urban culture.

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