Royal DeBusta Pain apologize to Djs due to his recent statement on social media

"I will like to take this time to apologize to all my DJs and supporters"

On June 8th 2016 , Royal DeBusta Pain, took to his Facebook to post a statement that had some Djs uncomfortable.

He wrote:

“Some DJ’s no longer play Royal DeBusta Pain, Jon Bricks, Pitty de Best, Chea Killa-lu Bestman, Bene v, David Mell, Shadowman, D12 , MightyBlow,Tarkun J, Marvalous, Soulfresh, lil Bishop, etc. According to them we are the ones that have money so before people hear our songs, we should pay money. We are doing this for mama Liberia. So they rather give more promotion to the upcoming artists. So they’re bisically saying that the new artists respect the djs more than the senior artists. Is this fair in any way?

His apology:


“I will like to take this time to apologize to all my DJs and supporters who fell disrespected. I was just trying to speak about some illness in the music industry. Let forget our differency and put mama Liberia first for the sick of peace ànd love. Have a wonderful and blessday Amen.”

Was Royal DeBusta Pain statement harmful? Nope. I feel like Liberian entertainers have to allow people to express themselves without trying to explain why you express yourself. It’s like people want you to allow them to validate you without viewing it as a problem. There’s no harm in what he wrote. If you find any harm in what he wrote post and tell us your reason(s).




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