Quebo Elementary School, A Reason To Act

Dear Liberian Government

Quebo Elementary School in Gbarnzon District, Grand Gedeh County reveals the constant pain, suffering those little kids must absorbed in order to earn education in this school which is based in the South-Eastern part of Liberia. As you can see from the photo, students in this school don’t have chairs, bench or even a latrine and roofing system. According to observation the school roofing is a complete mess not suitable when raining season comes its a disaster, and even during dry season; it is just another means the sun light use to penetrate into the class and skin burns the students when such things happens, plus you just imagine the system. Gossip Magazine community search led to this. Can help from somewhere reached over there to help our young leaders? Can this cry really be turned to our future leaders of tomorrow?


Written by Lucky Palmer




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