President Sirleaf Granddaughter threatens to quit Miss District #6 Beauty Pageant

Due to alleged bribery scandal on her

The most talk about Miss District #6 Beauty Pageant is taking a center stage in Montserrado County where rumors have linked to the Granddaughter of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who is contesting for District #6 most prestigious crown, the other contestants claimed that the organizers asked Thelma Roberts to pay about 50% of the money for the car that is expected to be the prize for the competition. According to Miss Thelma Roberts she said, the rumors are false and misleading and intended to create some future embarrassment for her in the competition. Miss Thelma Roberts quoted as saying “Why will I paid for car and then kill myself during our many practice sessions”, she commented. “If I have 50% of the car money as speculated, I rather lobby with my parents to help me purchase a car then to engage in a Pageant”, she added. Miss Thelma Roberts explained that her presence in the competition continues to create fear among other contestants and at such they have built lies to spoil her chance of winning the prestigious pageant. The beautiful contestant disclosed that she will quit the competition on grounds that if she wins, judges might not name her as winner after hearing these rumors of cheating. “I will leave the competition because I don’t want someone to question my crown”, she concluded. Thelma Roberts is the Granddaughter of President Sirleaf and it is widely believe that people are already been planted in the District to temper with the pageant.

Written by Lucky Palmer




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