Is Jada Pinket Smith a real woman? If you agreed Will is a real Man

By: Tarr “Jay U Boye” Woryonwon Everyone is saying Will is a real man but how about Jada being a real woman too? Some women are celebrating the action...

By: Tarr “Jay U Boye” Woryonwon

Everyone is saying Will is a real man but how about Jada being a real woman too?

Some women are celebrating the action of Will Smith against Chris Rock and calling him a real man, a protector of his wife, terming the unfortunate incident as a way of showing love, but I see it differently. I think Will is being manipulated by his wife and it is having a serious effect on him.

I don’t think any man should be fast, slow, attempt or to assault another person because that person made a joke or insulted your partner. The law is there in these cases. You can defend your woman if there’s an attempt to assault her or where she has been assaulted then a physical attack is necessary.

A woman should rather be guiding me from physical confrontation with people than having me do one to make it seems I am a hero because I physically went into war or fight with someone who insulted her instead of using the law on that person.

Since the incident Jada has never come up with any statement or apology. That shows how she feels, like a woman that controls everything and how manipulative she is in the relationship. I have never read an article or watch a video that saids Will cheated on his wife. I am not assuming he didn’t, but I feel he loves and respects his wife that’s why his issue of infidelity has really never being brought to my knowledge. On the other hand Jada told the World how she cheated and with her son’s friend. She also expects Will to be a good husband after her disgusting behavior.

I had an encounter with a guy in Tunis, Tunisia where I slightly looked at his partner for about 5 second. He was aggravated and moved towards me to attack me but then on his way he was held by his girlfriend and she stopped him from attacking me. She knew attacking me wasn’t the right way to showing his love for her. That was a real woman, she doesn’t watch you walk right into problem in the name of showing love or protecting her. She doesn’t feel ok when you should suffer the consequences of your actions in the name of showing love. Like Will said during his acceptance speech of the Oscars “Love makes you do crazy thing”. There and then she doesn’t feel loved but she feels in control. She feels she controls your every move, actions and thinking.

In relationships when a man suffers abuse of any kind it’s dangerous and leather than when a woman does. I watched the video over and over from every angle and only a man that is being manipulated by his spouse can react the way Will reacted. Will reacted like a train infant accepting food from a stranger and the process of taking the food, he/she looks at its mother’s expression that tells its wether to accept the food or not. That was the case of Will and Jada, he laughed throughout the entire joke but flip the second he turns over to Jada, her expression gave him his instant assignment. If you watched the movie “The Best man holiday” you saw that Monica Calhoun was always stoping Morris Chestnut who plays her husband from fighting Taye Diggs who plays his Best man. Despite she was sick and at the point of death she didn’t allow her husband attack people physically as to show her love. That’s a real woman. A real woman is always concern about the sanity of her man so he can function well to take care of them. A real woman try to guide her man to avoid problems.

If the Oscar is taking away from Will, he will be a real man but is Jada a real woman? If Will is fined 200 Million, he was a real man but was Jada a real woman? If that incident affects his career, I guess he was a real man but the question still is was Jada a real woman?

At the end of the day Will is facing a lot and he needs help.

Thanks and you’re free to share your opinion


Amb. Tarr Woryonwon – AKA Jay U Boye



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