LSV Exclusive: Dopezulu alleges Wife Faked a 10-Month Pregnancy & Stole 17k from him

This story was written from the artist’s point of view. For many young married expecting couples, a baby is something that brings them joy and even brings families much closer...

This story was written from the artist’s point of view.

For many young married expecting couples, a baby is something that brings them joy and even brings families much closer to each other simply because this is the time the family starts to grow fruitfully. For others it separates them, but according to U.S based, Atlanta, Liberian trapco rapper Dopezulu, it was a nightmare far beyond what he had hoped for since he was a kid. He got more than what he had barged for. 

Photo of Dopezulu & Sia

Last year July 4, 2021, Dopezulu took to his Instagram page where he shared a photo of him kissing a Pregnant woman’s stomach without showing her face. If you’re a fan of the rapper, you know that he’s crazy creative with his music videos. I honestly thought the picture was just another upcoming project. 

Source: Dopezulu’s IG page

On July 12, 2021, he then posted a video and revealed that he can no longer keep a secret and that he’s expecting a baby boy with his wifey and that he documented the entire 9-month pregnancy. The rapper received many congratulatory messages. 

Source: Dopezulu’s instagram page

A couple of days ago, on February 22, the trapco rapper again shared another video and this time it is in the form of an upcoming documentary. In this preview, he teased his followers about what really happened behind the scenes between him and his wife, a young Liberian woman named Sialin Sia Cephas who according to him, scammed him for months, stole “17k in the course of 10 months” and lied to him about a fake pregnancy. 

In an interview via phone, Dopezulu revealed that he and his now estranged wife first met at a pool party in 2019, in Atlanta and she was with her then boyfriend but despite having a relationship she kept eying him while she recorded him during a performance. She knew all of his songs and she sang them words for words.
He said he was impressed that she knew his song, but she was just another girl because he had just gotten out of a relationship, and he was not so bent on starting anything soon.

“She even knew that I had affiliation with many American celebrities including 21 Savage.”

After the first encounter at the pool party, she started making advances at him, which made him wonder why she would do such a thing when he knew she already had her boyfriend. For months she continued to pursue him, but he kept rejecting. 

According to him, he tried to avoid Sia, but she was determined to make him hers. For months she sought him out and heavily tempted him, he finally stopped fighting and that’s when things started getting interesting between them. 
The rapper revealed many uncomfortable things during his rocky relationship with Sia: He talked about Sia purposely trying to get pregnant for him after telling him that she was on birth control pills. During sex, she would refuse to use protection with him and would encourage him to ejaculate without pulling out.

“It’s something she’s crazy about. Whenever this would happen, I would tell her you’re pregnant and then she’ll say, “No, I’m on birth control medication”, I would constantly tell her that, “Birth control pills are never accurate.”

After being intimate for a while, Sia suddenly stopped coming around. And one day, they were all supposed to meet up at a gathering with 21 Savage’s baby mom, but Sia was nowhere to be found. It was 21 Savage Baby Mom who told him that Sia was pregnant.

“Sia and I weren’t officially together but I had introduced her to some of my celebrity friends and she was really good friends with 21 Savage’s baby Mom. When I found out she was pregnant, I immediately accepted the baby. She had suggested abortion, but I dismissed it. I grew up in a two-parent household and this is something I’ve always wanted for myself. I wanted to raise my child in a two-parent household as well. That’s why I made the decision to get married even though I knew love was not a part of it. I felt I was doing the right thing by marrying the mother of my child.”

When the couple finally got married, at first everything was fine until the rapper started losing money from his cash app, PayPal and bank account. The rapper lost his car and four-bedroom house in a short time due to lack of payment to maintain all of their expensive.

“$500 would suddenly go missing from my account and then she would say, “Bae, I got you.” But not knowing, it was my money she was stealing from my accounts pretending like she had my back. I really thought she did.”

Every time the rapper thought he paid their bills, Sia would discreetly stop payments for the intended bills and the money would go into her account. At some point, he even found out that she had 33k in her account. 

“How she gets such a huge amount of money?”

Whenever he thought he paid the bills, the collectors would not stop calling, reminding them that they still had unpaid bills. 

“When I asked Sia, she would become extremely defensive. This was another way she made me believe she was innocent. Sia did many other horrible things including setting up a Spoof call (a phone service that protects your identity) account, pretending to be me just to ask some family and friends for money. She even disrespected some of my close relationships. People around me kept complaining and accusing me of things I hadn’t done but I kept telling them, it wasn’t me and that someone else was doing those things.”

So, by this time now, his wife already had Zulu fully under whatever spell she wanted him under. She was stealing all of his money, secretly asking for more money from his friends and family, he had accepted and married her without any hesitation and worst of all, she made him, and his family believe that she was carrying his unborn child. When she was around six months, people close to him started alerting that she was not pregnant and that she was lying to him. At first, he did not believe any of them because he was keen on making sure his wife and baby were well- taken care of.

“In a short time, I made a big decision to do the right thing by her side despite all the red flags people saw and later I started seeing, I still decided to go along with everything because I really was under the impression that she was carrying my unborn baby.”

When everything started feeling weird, that’s when he started his own investigation. There was an incident that happened at a medical hospital where he finally learned that she was lying to him all this time. One faithful day, he received a call from her and told him that she went for a checkup. Being a trying-husband that he was to her, he wanted him and his family to go be there with her but when they got there at the hospital, she was nowhere to be found. She lied. So, they decided to call her but for hours she refused to pick up any of the calls. A couple hours later, she then called him back and told him that she had gone to another hospital. He was upset and confused and wondered why she would be behaving in such manner. So, he pretended and made her believe that he was going home but he actually went to the hospital where she actually was with her friends and when he got there, he asked the receptionist where 301, the room she had mentioned to him earlier. The receptionist refused to allow him in for patient’s privacy reason. He then told her that,

“I’m her husband and I would like to be with my wife.”

Instead of standing there, he ran upstairs to meet Sia, the receptionist called the cops to arrest him but, When the cop arrived and heard his story, he then told Zulu that he went through something similar with a woman and that he encouraged him to go upstairs to handle his business. 

“I think somehow, God ‘s hands was in it. I rushed to the room she was in with her friends hiding. Her friend tried to stop me. She had no shame. She was not pregnant, and she had lied to me for months and stolen so much money from me. I told her that I didn’t want much from her and that she should just give me some of my money and give me a divorce.”

Since the incident, Zulu has vocally expressed himself through his music about his unfortunate situation.

“Absolutely not, I have a new woman and she’s a LIBERIAN. I personally judge everyone individually. And I’m never the type to blame other people for another person’s deeds.”

Dopezulu added that he has yet to receive any of his 17k back, found out that some of his close friends and family who he thought had his back were happy that this happened to him. And that he’s only interested in getting Sia to sign the divorce papers and that she has refused and still wants more money out of him.

“This experience has taught me how to be strong and to be careful.”

As far as the documentary goes, the rapper says he’s trying to figure out whether he should turn it into a series or just a full documentary. If Sia wants she can share her aside of the story.

Written by First Lady/ Augustina Kou Monpleh



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