DenG ‘’Drops Liberian Manager for Nigerian Manager!!

“My artist as I thought would never do such a thing, DenG didn’t show up, my money and effort was wasted." Alice Yawo

Daniel George alias “DenG” a Liberian musical hit artist who from high rising of hits songs, tour and endorsement contracts. From songs like ‘ Jue U Bad ft. by Lib First Lady Queen V’, ‘Kemah’, ‘Put Foot’, ‘They Vex’ etc.. It is often said that Liberian artist are not yet ready, and Nigerian are not to be trusted. Now superstar DenG cut between the scissors with his career. This is what we found out about DenG and his Liberian manager Alice Yawo. Speaking out her pains, former DenG manager Alice Yawo acclaimed lack of respect, appreciation and wasted sacrifices. With the pressure of traveling around America in order to boost the artist career, DenG was to shoot a very good video in Philadelphia, USA. “He just quickly turned his back on me, after working tirelessly and effectively to arrange for things to be put in place”, she stated. “My artist as I thought would never do such a thing, DenG didn’t show up, my money and effort was wasted. Only to find out that he’s working under different management that is controlled by a Nigerian”, she continued. This said Nigerian is the one many claimed to have took DenG to America. According to Alice Yawo he (DenG) showed no remorse and didn’t care at all. So, is this the reason why Liberians artists end up being nowhere? However, Alice Yawo wishes him all the best under his new management. Keep reading in our subsequent edition to get DenG and his said new management side of the story. If true and how he is coping we will find out.


Written by Lucky Palmer




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