Christoph keeps Getting Accused by Other Rappers About Being Gay

Will Christoph Respond to Another Beef ?

It seems that Harrison Soto Walker was awaiting Christoph the Change with a welcome back home beef song as he been alleging that the Hipco rapper Christoph the Change, known LT City finest is a gay. Christoph just returned from the United States where he spent nearly three weeks on vacation, the Hipco rapper has been at the verge of controversial since he was accused by Co-Zea when the two stars were involved in what was termed Hipco beef of the year. Since then, Christoph on numerous occasions has denied being a gay but there still exist misbelieves in the entertainment industry. Recently, Harrison Soto Walker commonly called Young Soto claimed that he has a video on the artist but the biggest question is will Christoph respond to this new beef song widely believed to be called “hmm”? Christoph and Quincy B were recently signed by Barrack Young Controller, BYC owned by Robert Airhead as Music Ambassadors of the club and several questions have been asked including this major one; Why is Christoph the Change always traveling, while Quincy B sits and watch when both was signed to the same deal?

Photo edited by: Liberian Stars Views

Photos of Christop during his trip. From Philadelphia to DC.

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