“Christop The Change” rushed to JFK Hospital

"what don't kill you makes you stronger and I'm still The Change."

We all are aware of the amount of time Christopher Nyenga aka “Christop The Change” have made couple of tracks records and music videos dissing other musicians. However, The Gbana Man, Papa Gor, and Co-Z diss made him a huge sensation on the internet. This time; the beef may have gone too far. The artist got stabbed yesterday in Monrovia by some group of gangsters with knife in his back. Christop was rushed to JFK medical hospital and is under-going through treatment at the moment.

“Christop The Change” is calling on all his fans not to take the matter of him being Stabbed as a matter of a beef between him and any artist in the country. According to him, his management is investigating the matter and we thank God that there is an investigation going on.


The Hipco rapper Facebook statement:

“To all my fans and well wishers, thanks so much for the prayers. I would like to say that this situation has nothing to do with any so called beef between myself and any other artist. I ask that no one take this matter into their hands. I am working with my management and the authorities to bring the perpetrators to justice, it has nothing to do with any artist however, what don’t kill u makes u stronger and Im still The Change.”

several allegations were made against Christop rivalry, Canus Manyeah and Co-Z. Many of his fans believe that these two might have had a hand in his injured.


What are your thoughts?




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