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As Bucky Raw prepares to release his third studio album titled, “CS3”, the rapper has been repeatedly posting on his personal Facebook page back to back. Although, there has...
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As Bucky Raw prepares to release his third studio album titled, “CS3”, the rapper has been repeatedly posting on his personal Facebook page back to back.

Although, there has been no exact release date for the album, he has been completely busy entertaining his fans in other ways.

Yesterday, he posted several posts hoping to make amends with Dee Dennis aka Dee Dior, the mother of his two children.
Let’s just say, his craziness started four days ago, where he first posted about him claiming he doesn’t remember how to write on Facebook due to how long he had stayed away. 

He then progressed to joking around about how he and his son stayed on Gifty’s stories, but did not call the exact platform name. Snapchat, perhaps?

That same day, he posted about the only things that can “control” him are “Western Union” and “money gram.”

The next day after that, he suggested that “The real zing round housewives of the Liberia reality show will be interesting”, I personally think it will be too. We all understand ly (the) code clearly!

The next day is when things got real because he posted several posts that had people entertained and laughing their butts off!

His first post, he posted. “Just imagine gifty yelling at me all day like damn shawty you don’t act like this on your stories with other people though .”

He then posted again but this time, about Dee Dior:

Bucky Raw’s post from Facebook.

“Y’all tell Dee Dior it’s all love baby I’m sorry sweetheart.. I don’t hate you , I Iove you and the kids..”

The post grasped our attention and others. His comment proved many right about the estranged relationship between him and her. 

A day after that, he finally posted about his album teasing his fans. “I know y’all waiting for that CS3 but damn !! This sh*t is I can bet whatever on it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!“

I don’t understand what’s funny, but he needs to hurry up with this album.

The same day, he posted an apology to Dee, “I’m sorry Dee Dior.”

He then progressed to posting about Saygee, saying, “When I come to America I bet I can kill saygee dog .”

The post seemed funny , which had many people cracking up in the comment section. At the same time, I had wondered whether he had gotten himself into another beef this time.

Saygee is a Facebook vlogger, who is known for, as our people like to say, “putting people’s but outside” and she is always beefing with someone. Now do you understand why I had wondered about such?

Anyway, he finally ended the day by posting a never before seen picture of him and Gifty sitting with “red cup”, in both of their hands and he captioned, “We was drunk.the parents”

Screenshot of Bucky Raw’s post from Facebook.

Today, he went live and finally spoke about “CS3” and played some music for his fans. After that, he posted another post saying, “Anything can happen in this life.. spread the love baby.”

Many of his fans came under the post, agreed with him. He then posted another status saying, “Nothing wrong with apologizing publicly.. If it makes you look crazy, so be it . The kids matter , me and Dee can have the same relationship me and gifty have . . Anything can happen any given day. I rather be on good terms with her ..”

In the comment section, Gifty decided to comment to let him know how she feels about putting her in a conversation that has a lot to do with Dee Dior. 

Judging from what she commented, which made Bucky Raw quickly deleted, luckily, the comment was caught real quick by us. See below:

Screenshot of Bucky Raw’s post from Facebook.

It seems like Bucky wants to make amends with Dee Dior but sometimes it is easier to say than actually doing it, especially, when you’re dealing with women with hard heads. 

This is our recent update from Bucky Raw, just in case you might be keeping up with him. It seems like we don’t need any “Real Housewives of Zing round houses”, as he has suggested earlier, however, we need a show about the rapper and his family, because they would definitely keep us entertained!

Written by First Lady/Augustina Kou Monpleh



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